Green Design

Good design doesn't have to cost the earth ... and with us it doesn't!

At Crilly & Wardell we are commited to responsible design and reducing our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible. This means that when there are choices to be made we try and choose the option that is best for both the environment and you our client.

We recycle all of our packaging and paper waste, and all of our studio practices are geared to saving energy and resources. Where possible we also use local, Irish suppliers and services.


- Electricity sourced solely from wind turbines.
- Geothermal heating system.
- All computers, monitors and printers are ‘Energy Star’ compliant.
Apple Macintosh machines up to 60% recyclable.
- Responsible waste management policy.
- Environmentally friendly toner cartridge recycling - Xerox Green World Alliance program.


- Environmentally friendly print options.
- Advice on recycled paper stock.
FSC compliant printer available.
- Digital proofing utilised when suitable.
- Consultation on E-publications, E-zines etc.

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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland / Power of One